The scientific committee encourages the submission of Sustainable Energy-related research work. The main topics are, but not limited:

a) Wind and Solar energy


Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems

Solar Thermal Applications

Renewable Energy Sources

Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Grid Connection and Electrical Systems

Measurement and Monitoring

b) Fuel and Storage Technology

Biomass Refinery

Biofuel Production

Fuel Processing Technology


Hydrogen Energy Systems

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Supply and Storage

Fuel Cell Technology

c) Energy Conversion & Energy Conservation

Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power)

Drying Engineering

Energy Management

Food Refrigeration Engineering

Wasted Energy Recovery

Advanced Combustion Engineering

Thermal Process Engineering

Heat and Mass Transfer

Low temperature Diesel Combustion

d) Energy Policy and Environment

Energy consumption scenarios

Energy and Climate Change

Policy for Sustainable Energy Use and Consumption

Policy for Energy-related and Environmental Issues

e) Sustainable buildings

Green, Passive, Low & Zero Energy Buildings

Energy Management Systems & Commissioning

Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Lighting in Green Buildings

Building Simulations

Comfort & Human Health

Refrigeration and Heat Pumps in Climate Change Mitigation

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